european style scones

these luxurious scones aren’t your average American scone, so don’t knock em till you try em! our european style scones come after lots of extensive recipe testing and curating by the owner, Lauren, and lend a moist, flavor-filled crumb that isn’t hard and dry like American fair-style scones! check out what people have to say :

“I’ve had quite a few of your sweet offerings, the brownies being my favorite. But from now on I will NEVER make a purchase without including a savory selection. Those carmelized onion and asigio scones ARE INSANE. The crumbly and delightful like a scone should be but what suprised me most is the fact that they were moist (how is that even possible for a scone?!) The onions were dark and sweet and dill was the perfect little surprise. These little babies are exceptional.” – Leslie M.

“Oh, my. First time sampling your savory scone, that was amazing; it didn’t last long.” – Chris B.

“OMG, the onion scone was divine” – Karen S.


blue cheese + toasted pecan

smoked salmon + dill bechamel

provolone + thyme rosemary chive

ham + gruyere

bacon + dates

gruyere scallion + prosciutto

carmelized red onion + asiago dill

feta + sun dried tomatoes

tomato basil + mascarpone

black pepper + cheddar pecan

lemon + ricotta poppyseed

fig thyme + goat cheese

apricot + thyme + angostura


cream earl gray + currant

madagascar bourbon vanilla bean + cardamom

sweet potato + sage

carmelized pear + chai

pistachio + cranberry

cherry juniper + cacao nib

boysenberry + hazelnut

blackberry + cacao nib

honey thyme + sweet cherry