cakes, cupcakes, + tea cakes

a taste to satisfy every palette || we have curated a menu of most of our cake, cupcake, and tea cake flavor pairings to aid in your decision-making process. each section is based off of the cake flavor, with the combinations as suggested flavor pairings. the top section is our suggested flavor combinations : a mixture of our staff’s personal favorites as well as the top selling client favorites! remember that we can do almost any flavor combination you throw at us, so if there’s something you’re interested in that isn’t on the menu, just shoot us a message! happy pairing

a note for our gluten-free, vegan, and paleo clients || most of our cake (and therefore cupcake) recipes can be made gluten-free and/or vegan (including vegan cream cheese frosting and vegan coconut-based caramel). we can also do nut-free paleo upon request. paleo options are available for numerous of our cake and pastries, but due to the difficulty and finesse of paleo baking, not all.

do please keep in mind we are not a gluten-free licensed bakery. consuming any of our goods are at your own risk and may contain allergens. thank you!


suggested flavor profiles

dark cacao + sea salted caramel

heirloom carrot + cream cheese

cream earl gray + wild lavender

milk chocolate stout

salted raw honey + raspberry

floral, local, and herbal flavor pairings

wild lavender

cream earl gray + wild lavender

raw honey

salted raw honey + raspberry

persian love || rose + cardamom + pistachio

green tea matcha

sea buckthorn + mint + rose

elderberry + hibiscus + rose + lemon zest

rose water

cream earl gray + fig

madgascar bourbon vanilla bean + wild lavender

cream earl gray + wild lavender + bergamot

cardamom + rose

raw honey + fig

london fog || cream earl gray + mascarpone + raw honey + orange zest + bergamot

matcha + sea salted caramel

raw honey + balsamic fig + orange mascarpone

raw honey + chamomile

pistachio + lemon

matcha + plum

cardamom + pistachio + lemon + rose

honey thyme + sweet cherry

pistachio + raw honey + madagascar bourbon vanilla bean

cardamom + chai

rustic, earthy flavor pairings

heirloom carrot + cream cheese

brown sugar pound + rum + fresh fig

browned butter + banana graham

raw honey + ginger

sweet potato + blueberry

sweet potato + balsamic fig

banana walnut + cream cheese

butternut squash + fig

turkish fig + maple + chai

spiced mascarpone + fig

spiced zucchini + cream cheese

brown sugar oat

heirloom carrot + orange + ginger

spiced mud + browned walnut

spiced fig + hazelnut + coffee

sweet potato + maple

browned butter + pecan brown sugar

seasonal fruit flavor pairings

raspberry + peach

strawberry + beet

pineapple + mango

cobbler crumb || any seasonal fruit or berry

passion fruit + mango guava

blackberry + bergamot

pound + balsamic strawberry + cream + pepper

hummingbird + blueberry + raw honey

spiced peach


blueberry lemon + zucchini

blueberry pancake + maple

browned butter vanilla bean + boysenberry

hummingbird || banana pineapple spice + cream cheese + pecans

banana blueberry + pineapple coconut

pistachio + apricot

black currant + hibiscus

blueberry + pomegranate

carmelized pear + blackberry

champagne + passionfruit + blackberry

ricotta + bourbon + carmelized peach + cream cheese

coconut + mango + raspberry

blueberry + lemon + cream earl gray

black currant + orange blossom + passionfruit mango + red currant

blackberry + thyme + polenta

  dark cacao flavor pairings

dark cacao + mint

dark cacao + pistachio

spumoni || dark cacao + cherry + pistachio

dark cacao + dark chocolate ganache

black forest || dark cacao + cherry

dark cacao + macadamia nut

dark cacao + strawberry

dark cacao beet + cardamom

dark cacao + ginger + raw honey + almond

dark cacao + black currant + marionberry + rosemary + madagascar bourbon vanilla bean

dark cacao + pink peppercorn basil

dark cacao + espresso

dark cacao + peanut butter

dark cacao + chocolate chip cookie dough

dark cacao + passionfruit

dark cacao + balsamic strawberry + basil

dark cacao + maple

dark cacao + sea salted caramel + pecan

dark cacao

german chocolate || dark cacao + pecan + coconut

dark cacao + raspberry

dark cacao + blackberry

dark cacao + sea salted caramel

dark cacao + douglas fir

s’mores || dark cacao + graham crumble + dark chocolate ganache + toasted italian meringue

dark cacao + pistachio + rose

dark cacao + peanut butter + sea salted caramel

dark cacao + rosemary + berries

dark cacao + hazelnut

dark cacao + orange blossom

 vanilla + white cake flavor pairings

browned butter vanilla bean + cinnamon maple


browned butter + sea salted caramel

ricotta pound + raspberry + fig

celebration sundae

almond + amaretto

madagascar bourbon vanilla bean



almond + orange blossom mascarpone

citrus flavor pairings

lemon + strawberry


key lime + cream cheese

lemon + raspberry


lime + cherry

lemon + wild lavender + raw honey

lemon + wild lavender

lemon + poppyseed

coconut + lime

lemon + sweet tea

lemon + blueberry

lime + blackberry

citrus + raw honey

lime + blood orange

lemon + rosemary

cocktail inspired and adult beverage alcohol flavor pairings

mai tai

rum punch

pina colada




milk chocolate stout

stout + rose

molasses + stout + clove

banana rum + sea salted caramel


dark cacao + porter + pine

stout + orange blossom

peach + bourbon



champagne + raspberry

dark cacao + pinot noir + hibiscus + black raspberry

autumn and holiday seasonal flavor pairings

pumpkin spice + sea salted caramel

spiced apple crisp

pumpkin pie

pumpkin ale

granny smith + sea salted caramel pecan

everything autumn || spiced rum pumpkin maple + spiced apple + brown sugar cream cheese + cinnamon cranberries

pumpkin + ginger

spiced pumpkin + maple

dark cacao + pumpkin

spiced rum

dark cacao + ginger molasses

cranberry orange + cherry tart

bourbon + eggnog

spiced wine

peppermint + cacao