about the bakery

|| why we do what we do || 

The Pacific Northwest is known for its abundance of locally grown and sustained ingredients – everything from grass-fed beef, to pastured chickens, to acres of vineyards, to rows and rows of apple trees, to fields of wheat and grain, to crop rows of produce – and the list goes on. Our region is often referred to as the culinary dream location – (almost) everything you could need to create a culinary masterpiece is at your fingertips in this farmer-rich region. Pacific Northwest Cupcakes was founded on my passion for ingredients and produce that are sustainably-sourced, all-natural, organic, and local… ingredients that weren’t genetically modified, were marked free-trade, and were produced with both the environment and the employees in mind.

When you bite into a luxuious Pacific Northwest Cupcakes treat, you can be rest assured you are consuming only the highest and purest quality ingredients of the Seattle bakeries : local, organic, all natural, sustainable, non-GMO, and fair trade. You will not find fondant in our shop, and with the rare exception of some custom orders or noted descriptions, we do not use any artificial food dye or coloring, and we never add any preservatives. We serve beautiful confections made with simple, pure, whole ingredients. Quality, healthy nutrition (indulgence!) and environmental consciousness remain in the foreground at Pacific Northwest Cupcakes, which is one of the qualities that makes our desserts unique.

For a full list of our amazing local ingredient and supply sources, visit our Resources page.