|| and the products that we use to reach these standards ||

Bluebird Grain Farms (Winthrop, Washington) – locally grown and milled organic heirloom flours

Shepherd’s Grain (Portland, Oregon with original base in Edmonds, Washington) – locally grown and milled non-GMO flours

Small Family Farms (Walla Walla Valley, Washington) – locally grown and milled sustainable flours

Manini’s (Seattle, Washington) – local gluten-free flours

Bob’s Mill (Oregon) – local specialty flours and baking additives and substitutes

Grace Harbor Farms (Custer, Washington) – local whole fat buttermilk

Twin Brook Creamery (Washington) – local full fat cream and milk

Vital Farms – grass-fed, pastured unsalted butter

Skylight Farms (Snohomish, Washington) – local pastured chicken eggs

Caruso Farm (Snohomish, Washington) – local pastured chicken eggs

Frontier Flyers (Lake Stevens, Washington) – organically harvested local raw honey

Stocker Farms (Snohomish, Washington) – local raw honey, syrups, and produce

Sosio’s (Seattle, Washington) – my local source for the best out-of-season produce

CB’s Nuts (Kingston, Washington) – locally made organic peanut butter

Theo Chocolate (Seattle, Washington) – locally-based organic, non-GMO, fairtrade chocolate and candies

Guittard Chocolate (California) – non-GMO, fairtrade chocolate and cacao

Tillen Farms (Yakima Valley, Washington) – local dye-free, non-GMO, no artificial flavors, no corn syrup, vegan maraschino cherries

Skiprock Distillers (Snohomish, Washington) – local craft spirits and liquors

Field to Heart (Snohomish, Washington) – local organic floral stems and edible flowers

Seattle Wholesale Growers Market (Seattle, Washington) – local salmon-safe floral stems

India Tree (Seattle, Washington) – local natural specialty sugars, sprinkles and toppings

Wax Orchards (Tacoma, Washington) – local fudge sauces

Oregon Growers (Oregon) – local non-GMO jams

Frontier Co-Op – organic, non-GMO spices and herbs

Batory – non-GMO powdered sugar

Kirkland – organic cane sugar (we do not use regular sugar for anything!)


|| we’re environmentally-friendly, too! ||

BRP Boxshop – recycled Kraft cake boxes

JukeBox Print – 90% and 100% recycled paper product marketing materials printed with plant based biomass inks

If You Care Baking Co – compostable cupcake liners and parchment

[various shops] – compostable bamboo plates and sporks